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We believe that in today’s world, no one is living up to their full potential. Individuals and organizations of all kinds are too frequently distracted by the day-to-day—and the stresses that pop up unexpectedly—which means they can’t focus on what really matters. Errand Solutions is uniquely equipped to take away the distractions and help you with the important things in life, whether you’re a big corporation or a patient in a small hospital. 


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People helped

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2.7 billion

About Errand Solutions

People Serving People

Errand Solutions is a fully customizable errand-running, convenience and discount service. We are frequently offered as an employee benefit designed to ease the strain on employees by tackling their to-do lists while they work. Thus, we increase their productivity and focus on the job while providing employees more quality free time away from work. Our clients realize immediate and measurable improvements in employee satisfaction scores and retention. Based in Chicago, Errand Solutions has provided services to over 3 million users at more than 200 client locations in 20 states.

Errand Solutions WOW story

Errand Solutions Wow Story

Louise smiled and produced a stack of papers.

It was already done.

She was so sure that Cindy would go for the iguana plan, she'd gone ahead and contacted the local pet stores and even an iguana society to get all the information Cindy would need.

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Errand Solutions Blog

We love creating conversation, that’s why we’ve started a blog to talk about best practices and observations in the fields that our client’s service. Check out some of our blog posts below and join in!



This is my first week at a new job and, shocker, it’s stressful. Not only am I just trying to figure out the lay of the land, but I’m being thrown into new projects and supposed to come up with all new ideas at the same time. In just a couple days, I’ve had countless to-do lists and they just keep growing. Luckily, I know I’m not alone in this.

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March 20 is the International Day of Happiness! And since it's Friday, and the sun is out here in Chicago, and Pharrell Williams is playing the background, I decided it was a good time to see what other people are saying about happiness.

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Last week, someone sent me this article: “11 Most Pressing Issues for Hospital CEOs”. And by the time I finished reading, I was all riled up. Patient Satisfaction is sixth on the list!?

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At Errand Solutions, our culture is both highly innovative and team-oriented. We are ambitious in our pursuit of excellence and in providing real results to our customers. We seek enterprising, enthusiastic professionals that live and breathe service excellence. 


The following opportunities are available at this time:

Errand Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Click here to view our full EEO Statement. 


Qualified Vendor Partners are reliable leaders in their service categories. Our bakers are local favorites, caterers are known to deliver the best food, and our shoe and leather repair experts are respected craftsmen.
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Errand Solutions WOW Story - Lucy

Errand Solutions Wow Story

Good girl!

Lucy dropped the ball by Emily’s feet. Emily crouched down and patted the dog's neck. Lucy was grinning, and her coat glinted, slightly brindled in the sunlight. She nudged the ball with her nose.

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Our Founder and CEO, Marsha McVicker offers up her thoughts on healthcare, the concierge industry, entrepreneurship and living a healthy lifestyle.

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