The Errand Solutions Experience







At Errand Solutions, we believe that time is of the essence. We create, capitalize and deliver it to everyone we touch. Our promise is to provide a rewarding work environment for our employees, legendary service to our customers and a spirit of responsibility in our communities. Our goal is to make friends and fans of all by bringing energy, integrity and enthusiasm to everything we do.

Errand Solutions is a fully customizable errand running, convenience and discount service. We are frequently offered as an employee benefit designed to ease the strain on employees by tackling their to-do lists while they work. Thus we increase their productivity and focus on the job while providing employees more quality free time away from work. In recent years, our hospital service options have also expanded to include patient care in all areas of the facility and have allowed our clients to realize immediate and measurable improvements in patient and visitor satisfaction scores. Though focused primarily on the healthcare field, Errand Solutions services can also be found at corporations, residences and luxury hotels. Based in Chicago, Errand Solutions has more than 200 client locations in 18 states.

No matter the location, our job is to help our customers get back time and money they spend running errands and organizing their lives. Errand Solutions helps employees meet a desirable work/life balance by saving each user as much as 16 hours per month (13 weekends per year). We also provide a number of money saving programs designed to stretch your employees’ paychecks as an additional benefit. On average, users will save $150 each month. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, no request is too big or too small.

We promise to consistently deliver excellent service, to reduce overhead costs, to collect vital data that helps illustrate the impact to your bottom line, and to eliminate administrative headaches. We enable each organization to offer differentiating benefits that create real results in the form of increased employee attraction, retention and productivity, as well as overall patient satisfaction.