We make people happy by enhancing their experience.

From taking care of a corporate employee’s personal to-do list to making sure a patient has a pleasant hospital experience, we’re in the business of putting smiles on our customers’ faces. Find out how we can help turn your frown upside down!

Forget Your Troubles!

We make companies popular (and profitable).

A happier workplace with loyal and engaged employees leads to a healthier bottom line. (And if you’re running a hospital, your patients will be happy and loyal too.) Is your company as happy as it could be? Let us help!

Clap Along!

We help small businesses grow.

At each of our locations, we work with a variety of small local service and retail providers, especially ones owned by women or minorities. Want to partner with us? We’d love to have you.

Don't Worry!

We do it all with cutting edge technology.

Our Luv Your Life mobile and desktop app gives our customers more access than ever before, while our back end dashboards give our clients real-time reports and total transparency. Ready for a demo? Let’s get started!

Stomp Your Feet!

Live your best life possible.

Getting more free time, finding out about cool new things to experience AND saving money while you’re at it? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We promise.

Be shiny, hold hands and laugh!

Employee Engagement

Happy employees are engaged employees. Our employee programs are proven to increase engagement and improve retention rates. And with services delivered both on-site or through our virtual concierge team, we can service corporations and healthcare facilities of any size.

Patient Satisfaction

Our Guest Relations Assistants are hospitality-trained professionals who love helping others. Whether in the ED or inpatient, we’ll assist with any non-clinical requests, ensuring each patient’s stay is free from the stress of daily life—so the patient and their family can focus on recovery.

Your Virtual Personal Assistant

You’ve already got a full time job; you’re too busy to plan trips, organize birthday parties and find someone to clean out your gutters. Let us take care of it! We’re offering a limited number of discounted subscriptions for your personal use all over the US. Request an invitation today!

Since we started work in 2000, we've run more than 7 billion errands!
We've also saved almost 3 billion hours of free time for 4 million customers, and have worked in more than 200 locations all over the country.
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On-Site & Virtual Concierges

Our on-site Concierge will be your employees’ best friend and secret weapon. Smaller office or budget? We have a virtual program that’s right for you too.

Errand Running

Whether picking up cupcakes for an office birthday to returning an item to the mall, our errand runners will run around town for you – saving you both time and sanity.

Complex Research Projects

Our Luv Your Life Specialists are ready to handle any project that comes their way. From finding a doctor to planning a wedding, no project is too big or too small!

Robust Technology & Real-Time Data

We’ve created revolutionary mobile technology you won’t see anywhere else. As a client, you’ll see real-time data on customized dashboards. Contact us for a demo!

Supporting Local Small Businesses

Our vendor network, focused on minority and woman-owned businesses, has funneled $2 million back into our local communities. If you’re a small business, get in touch!

Promoting Local & National Discounts

Quickly reach a large population of potential customers with your promotions! If you’ve got a good discount, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

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