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Don’t get us wrong: we LOVE coffee! But did you know the cost of your average office coffee service ranges from $50 to $125 per employee per year? Although there are definitely benefits to infusing a little caffeine into the workday, wouldn’t it be great to lower your team members’ stress levels for a fraction of the cost? Best of all, Errand Solutions can offer the same stress relief to your employees who spend all their time on the road or working remotely. (You know, since they have to pay for their own coffee.)

Did you know that happy employees are 31% more productive?

Have you ever wondered how many hours your employees are wasting by looking up flights or hotel deals for their upcoming vacation? Or even trying to plan their wedding on company time? No more! Errand Solutions offers top-notch research assistance to help with all of those time-sucking work and personal tasks. You’ll start saving money in increased productivity dollars right away.

Employees who rate their work-life balance highly are 10% more likely to stay at their company.

Sure, work-life balance is an overused phrase—and is it even really possible in this day and age? But real talk: if you can help to make your employees’ personal lives a little less busy, you’ll be much more likely to hold on to them. We’re not just a perk; we’re a life-saver. This small effort to retain your best employees can help you reduce your attrition rates, which depending on your industry, can be as much as 50% of a position’s annual salary!

Ready to start saving money all over the place? We’re just a phone call (or email) away!

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