It’s said that love makes the world go-around, in my mind that equates to puppies! And in the professional world, the administrative professional makes the office go-around, making day-to-day operations run smoothly. That’s why it’s important to remember to thank yours on Admin Professional’s Day!

The administrative assistant wears so many hats and has both tangible and intangible skills. The best admins are great communicators and very organized, but they must also be incredibly resourceful, persistent, discreet, loyal, and willing to go the extra mile.

In 2018, there were millions of admins working in the US. These men and women’s daily grind consisted of resolving problems, organizing meetings, supporting CEOs, averting crises, ordering supplies to running errands, maintaining schedules, and overseeing projects – all while maintaining a solid level of professionalism and, of course, a friendly smile. And especially in times of difficulty, like right now with COVID-19, administrative professionals are even more crucial to keep things running smoothly even remotely.

Being an admin isn’t an easy job and carries a unique set of responsibilities. So, I encourage you to appreciate your office gurus on Wednesday, April 22. Simply recognizing them for their hard work or just saying “Thank You” will be welcomed and appreciated. And speaking for myself, fresh flowers and prosecco go a long way too! 🙂